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Excel For Beginners Meeds

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About This Course

In this free Excel Course, you will learn all the tips, tricks, shortcuts, functions and formulas you need to be a power user. This free Excel course is designed specifically for spreadsheet beginners

Microsoft Excel is a versatile program present in most computers at home and in computer clusters. It is a business tool for accounting and managing large sets of data. It can also simplify graphing and analyzing data from the labs. These instructions are intended as a guide to graphing lab data for those who are not familiar with Excel. As always, with computer programs, there is more than one way to go about these things. The instructions here are intended to be an easy introduction to the use of Excel.

These instructions were created with screen captures from Microsoft Excel 2016. Besides, some content described in this course are not limited to Microsoft Excel 2016 and they help on working with many other spreadsheets such as Google sheets, Kingsoft, WPS Spreadsheets, Open Office Excel


  • Navigate through excel - Getting to know basics in Excel
  • Formatting to look gorgeous - Getting an idea about cell formatting and conditional formatting, Identifying "Format Cells window " functionalities
  • Formula for rescue - Getting knowledge about Excel functions and how to write complex formulas
  • Charts - This section describes how to create a Chart
  • New way of copy and paste - Macro recording and execution
  • Pivoting - When you have a large data set and how to summarize details


Basic computer knowledge is required.

Course Staff

M A D S Piumal

M A D S Piumal (ACMA CGMA)

Piumal is a Management Accounting professional with over 8 years of experience in Business strategy, Management Reporting, corporate planning, Financial and economic modelling. He currently oversee the Management Reporting and Planning function of a reputed commercial bank in Sri Lanka. He is an Associate memeber of CIMA-UK and earned his MBA from Postgraduate Institute of Management.